Wake Up Calls with Todd & Gina Goodwin

So you suffered a major loss…What did you gain?

April 28, 2020

It's human nature to see life experiences as either good or bad, and this polarized perception creates emotional volatility, including feelings of resentment, regret, guilt, grief, and fear (as well as what we think of as positive emotions). The actual reality (contrary to our impulsive judgments) is that there are always two sides to the coin, and it's our incomplete awareness and resulting judgment that causes our emotional ups and downs. Todd and Gina explore this phenomenon and share the story of a client who was able to balance her stress-inducing perception of a significant financial loss and actually come to feel gratitude for the experience. What has happened in your life that you have judged as "bad" in some way? If you're willing to consider how it also may have served or benefited you, then listen to this episode and learn how to apply the technique that has helped many clients of Goodwin Hypnosis.

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