Wake Up Calls with Todd & Gina Goodwin

We’re breaking up…sort of.

June 6, 2020

Why do so many people break up with someone and then get back together several times? There are many subconscious or emotional reasons why people stay in, or return to, relationships that they rationally know are unhealthy or dysfunctional for them, including situations as extreme as cheating and abuse. It’s actually very similar to an addiction or emotional compulsion like smoking, drugs, or alcohol. Often such a situation is caused by an imbalanced perception of your partner, great sex, infatuation, comfort zone, and fear of being alone or codependency, often due to low self-worth or belief that it’s not possible to find a better relationship. It’s NOT due to an “addictive personality” but rather one or several disempowering beliefs. Learn how Todd and Gina have used their methods to break clients’ compulsive relationships and finally break free.

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